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Accident claim solicitors deal with personal injury compensation settlements. Most accident claim solicitors have experience of knee injury compensation claims and you will usually be represented by a specialist accident solicitor who is a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts who will zealously represent your interests and will obtain maximum compensation for your knee injury. Most accident compensation solicitors use the no win no fee scheme and legal costs are only paid if the claim is successful. If the claim is lost. No legal costs are payable.

The knee is a tough but susceptible joint that hinges the thigh bone and the shin bone and allows a degree of rotation and pivoting. There are several parts of the knee that can be injured including the four knee ligaments, the articular cartilage, the menisci and the tendons. In a knee injury one or more of these structures can be damaged producing pain, swelling, stiffness and bruising with the potential added complication of the knee becoming unstable or ‘locked’.

The knee is one of the most complicated joints in the human body and as such is very susceptible to injury. Solicitors knee injury compensation claims can be substantial. Even a relatively minor twisting injury to the knee can still take a long time to heal (£3,000). More serious injuries include dislocation or a torn cartilage or meniscus which may result in permanent disability (£7,750-14,000). More serious still can be a total disruption of the joint or severe damage to the ligaments (£30,600-£50,000). These injuries can cause significant pain and take a long time to heal and often require surgery including arthrodsis, arthroplasty or a knee replacement (£10,000).

The complexity of the knee joint makes it vulnerable to injury in many accident situations. Tripping on a pavement or slipping on a wet floor can easily result in a nasty twisting to the knee. Ligament damage is commonly seen in sporting accidents and can also arise as a result of industrial accidents. The knee is also vulnerable to direct trauma particularly in motorbike collisions or bicycle accidents. Injuries to the knee may result in continuing symptoms by way of pain and discomfort, limitation of movement and instability resulting in very high knee injury compensation claim settlements. There can often be long term damage and which can affect the ability to work. It is therefore essential that those suffering knee injuries ensure they have direct access to accident claim solicitors experienced in litigating these claims properly and of recovering appropriate compensation.