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The cozy warmth that a crackling fire in the hearth ensures beats everything else hollow. You are relaxed and snug within your home regardless of the chill and first outdoors. Sure, the concept of lighting up the fireplace may seem a tad dated but a cheery fire is one of the few things that have an instant cheery effect. Again, having a blazing fire inside your home can be dangerous too. You have to take care to keep the flame away and reduce the sparks that fly all over the place. 

A way that has successfully beaten the odds is the use of a fireplace screen. So go ahead, and invest in one that is capable of protecting your household without spoiling the aesthetic appeal. The options are unlimited but you are welcome to check each product for its suitability and then decide in favor of either a traditional screen or one of the best contemporary fireplace screens.

The process of finding the right screen seems simple yet it does come with certain challenges that you may have to overcome. The right way to select the perfect product would be to think of the associated pros and cons of individual items. You may go ahead and buy the best possible fireplace screen after contemplating the following types that are hugely popular today:

  • Freestanding– This offers a versatile solution for your problem. The screen is usually freestanding and includes a pair of sturdy legs. You may also find one with three legs that minimize the risk of being knocked accidentally. Choose between a straight-legged one or an item that sports bowed legs to give a 3-dimensional appearance.

  • Panels– The fireplace screen that can be divided into sections include multiple panels. You may select a three-panel product or go up to 5 panels as per your necessity. These screens are wider and provide full coverage thereby shielding the entire room and protecting it from the devastating effect of fire. There is another plus to think of here too. The beautiful sections add to the aesthetic appeal of your interior. Feel free to choose a screen that matches the decor of your room. Viola! It’s going to capture attention big time!

  • Doors– You cannot do better than opt for a fireplace screen with doors when you are intent on transforming a period home into a modern one. You would be able to reach the logs through the screen without shifting them to one side. This is a convenient way of keeping the fire burning. This model is particularly beneficial for people who are unable to put in much physical effort.

  • Mesh– the lighter and modern screens come with spark guards. You will feel pleased with such an investment as it provides the right amount of protection from fire. The mesh screens stop the sparks and keep the embers away every time. It would be a good choice for individuals who want to sit close to the fire to keep warm on a cold, winter day. 

You are going to be spoiled for choice when shopping for traditional or contemporary fireplace screens today. It is advisable to choose a product suited to the purpose.