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If you are newly trying out meditation to find inner peace and find it challenging to make it a practice, do not worry. It is usual for beginners to feel many discomforts while trying out meditation for the first time. Learning meditation is similar to trying to learn a new skill, which the mind may often resist with all types of excuses, such as boredom, restlessness, doubts, and confusion. Staying calm during this chaos requires discipline, commitment, and persistence if you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation. There is no quick first for the same. Here, we will discuss some meditation tips that will help you work through these obstacles, establish a solid meditation foundation, and stick tightly to it.

Teal Swan meditation tips

Teal Swan is a personal empowerment guide and public speaker who gives meditation beginners some essential tips to practice and master this art.

  • Starting early 

Medication is something you are supposed to do the first thing in the morning whenever possible. The sure shot way to ensure that you get it done regularly is to finish it before jumping into your hectic daily schedule. Early morning meditations are the most excellent ways to start your day by providing more energy and mindfulness. With morning meditation, you feel refreshed, energetic, and on track to confront the day’s challenges.

  • Same place, same time techniques

In some cases, you may not be able to meditate in the morning. If so, try to schedule a consistent time and place to do meditation and strictly adhere to that timing and location. Making it a regular practice in the day’s routine is ideal for making it a lasting habit. You may find it difficult initially but being persistent is the key to success.

  • Be creative about your choice of location

As discussed in the above tip, you must choose the same place for your daily mediation practice. However, this may not always be possible for people who travel around. Sometimes, they may be at home, at the workplace, in another city, or simply be in an airport. However, it does not matter where you are; as long as you know how to achieve the goal of stillness, you can take your routine dose of meditation undisturbed.

  • Avoid uncomfortable positions

In most meditation images, you may have seen people sitting cross-legged. If you are not comfortable with that position, forget about these stereotypical images. What is essential in meditation is to find inner peace, for which you can choose a place that is comfortable for you. It may take the first few days to identify the proper meditating position, but it is lovely to take your time and get this done.

Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above if you wish to change your health and overall, well-being. Remember that you have to be dedicated and committed in your approach if you want to see the desired results. According to Teal Swan, there is no alternative to this.