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Construction equipment must be maintained regularly for cost control and optimal returns on investments allotted for the project. Proper maintenance helps you to reduce repair costs, and it enables you to maximize production and profit for the project. The extra benefits you can get from regular equipment maintenance include the following-

  • You can increase its resale value 
  • You can reduce downtime 
  • Maintenance prolongs the lifespan of the equipment 
  • Regular maintenance keeps service intervals and expenses in control

Kanat Sultanbekov– save money with regular equipment maintenance

Kanat Sultanbekov is a highly experienced and skilled construction manager from New York with a proven track record in completing all his projects in time. He is known for his inspirational leadership skills and for proactively safely balancing strategic planning, risk assessment, and operational processes on construction sites.

 According to him, proper maintenance of the equipment on the construction site helps you to cut down your operating costs enabling you to save a lot of money on the project, directly and indirectly. The direct costs are associated with the machine downtime and the unscheduled repairs. These costs are expensive and can take away a lot from the construction budget. 

If you maintain the equipment properly, you are indirectly saving costs as your machines and tools are functional, and there are no malfunctions or breakdowns. For most construction projects, equipment failure is a critical reason money is lost from the budget. 

A routine must be followed 

You should regularly adhere to the recommended schedules for maintenance and inspections as a critical step toward adequately caring for the construction equipment. Besides the above, you should follow the recommendations laid down by the manufacturer for equipment maintenance too. This step is crucial as no one knows the nature of the equipment you are using better than its manufacturer, so following instructions laid down by its makers will go the extra mile in keeping equipment breakdowns and repairs at bay!

Create your own rules or guide for equipment maintenance 

Another essential step for maintaining equipment is to make your guide so that your workers can follow it regularly. For example, equipment operating in a harsh environment must have its air filters changed periodically or undercarriages exposed to corrosive or abrasive soils need more attention. 

Project managers should ensure that the equipment functions in its optimal conditions as specified by the manufacturer. It would help if you took the time to conduct a regular inspection of the equipment so that issues can be avoided later. 

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, taking good care of the construction equipment goes the extra mile in prolonging the life cycle of the machines and the productivity levels of your workers on the job site. These inspections should be done in an organized manner, like for instance, visual inspections can determine whether the worker is using the correct operator technique or not, or you can go in for detailed reviews to check the performance of the machine on the site.