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It’s critical that your website offers a solid foundation for performing and scaling your business. Rather than selecting Devops engineers with WordPress experience to control your site and infrastructure, you may consider by using a Managed WordPress Hosting solution. Your organization helps you to save money and also have a team of web host experts ensuring your WordPress website remains available, secure, and fast.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a particular type of web hosting solution that is tailor-made and optimized designed for promoting WordPress sites and users. Managed WordPress web host is like using a team of WordPress and web host experts working on your website, getting rid of the price and burden of taking care of your site’s hosting in-house.

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Managed WordPress Hosting exists as another option from other styles of hosting because WordPress websites have unique needs. They have got different server resource footprints than other styles of websites, have unique security concerns, and properly helping them requires WordPress know-how.

Managed WordPress Hosting solutions are usually defined by:

Managed WordPress security
Automatic WordPress theme, plugin, and core updates
Managed server resources that go with WordPress’s complex needs
Experienced WordPress experts on staff to take care of support
It’s hosting designed from the bottom up to serve WordPress. Let’s look into how Managed WordPress Hosting services compare to other web host options, like shared enviroment and VPS web host, to see that provides the best WordPress web host solution.

Many smaller businesses are drawn to the affordable pricing of shared enviroment, which can be as little as $3-20 per month. It’s important to comprehend what shared hosting offers and what it doesn’t.

For a webhost to be profitable at those prices they be based upon volume and sides must be cut. A shared host charging $5 per month just can’t profitably offer quality support and satisfactory server resources to every customer. Instead, this business model relies on minimizing support interactions and upselling. When someone complains that their site has truly gone down or is working slow, these hosts generally advise that the web site owner move up to a more expensive hosting plan to repair the problem. In essence, these rock bottom prices are ways to get people onto their hosting solution with the purpose of getting them onto more profitable programs as they outgrow their shared hosting service. They do not expect a business would run an important, high-traffic website over a shared plan.

Shared hosting is defined by:

Low prices
Minimal support
Minimal server resources
No WordPress competence, alternatives, or specialized support
Popular shared enviroment companies are GoDaddy, A2Hosting, and HostGator.

However, that isn’t to say that shared enviroment doesn’t ever seem sensible. If you have a spare time activity blog or a side business, shared enviroment may be sufficient. But, if you’re a recognised business that will depend on your website being available, fast, and secure, shared enviroment probably isn’t your best option.

Shared hosting simply can’t offer the same quality of hosting service that more costly options do. Here, the age-old maxim, “you get what you pay for,” applies.

VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server hosting, is similar to shared enviroment because your site shares a server with other sites. However, there are fewer sites on a single server set alongside the shared enviroment option. The server is also partitioned into different virtualized server environments. Unlike shared enviroment, WordPress VPS Hosting usually provides baseline assured resources getting rid of the “noisy neighbors” problem.

VPS hosting is a huge intensify from shared enviroment but has a significant disadvantage for many individuals – managing a VPS requires tech skills most businesses don’t possess. In case your VPS server goes down for whatever reason, you’ll need to find out how to troubleshoot and fix it.

VPS hosting is defined by:

Fewer sites per server
Virtualized containers give sites individual resources
The necessity for technical skills to manage the VPS
Popular VPS providers are Digital Ocean, Linode, and InMotion.

Managed WordPress Hosting was created specifically to take care of WordPress. It offers optimum technology and resources to support WordPress websites. Partnering with a handled WordPress webhost takes care of all the technical aspects of web host for you – including security, performance, and other factors.

Managed WordPress Hosting is specially well-suited to large and enterprise-level businesses because of its superior security, reliability, and high performance. Any business that depends on their WordPress site will want a bunch that specializes in that CMS.

Managed WordPress Hosting prices vary, with projects ranging from $25 to $2,000 monthly depending on the resources and degree of support they provide. Businesses spend money on this because they recognize that the advantages of the service way outweigh its costs. These businesses save money and time because they don’t have to pay for dedicated engineers to control their sites. Partnering with a skilled WordPress sponsor also boosts site performance, further bolstering the bottom collection via key metrics like conversion rate, time on site, plus more.

There are a few fundamental benefits only managed WordPress hosts can deliver.

Site availability and server uptime are crucial for any online business. In case your company’s website generates revenue, downtime means lost revenue. Also, it may damage your brand’s reputation and negatively impact your site’s visibility to search engines (also called Search Engine Optimization). Typically, web hosts guarantee at least 99% uptime. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll actually get 99% uptime.

High traffic to a WordPress website can put a lot of strain on server resources because of WordPress’s dynamic functionality. A bunch that is optimized for WordPress hosting can use intelligent caching and robust database solutions to ensure your site stays efficient and responsive when you need it most.

To make sure maximum uptime, at Pagely we offer two different layers of uptime monitoring. If anything is recognized that may potentially business lead to downtime, the complete support team is notified. In almost all cases, we identify issues and fix them before downtime may appear, so issues are corrected before customers are even alert to them. This proactive support is exactly what separates great hosts from the rest.

We also receive proactive notifications if you get close to your resource boundaries, and run tests after updates to check on that sites remain up. In case a problem from a plugin update is available, we automatically rolls back the update.

For enterprise websites that require maximum uptime, it could be best to choose a bunch that provides high-availability architecture that spreads the workload over two or more servers in several zones. This process reduces the chance of the outage during maintenance events, unforeseen outages, or traffic spikes.

WordPress Hosting Support
A hosting company that will not focus on WordPress will have a far more difficult time addressing WordPress-specific complex concerns. If you speak to customer care about an issue with your website, you want to speak to anyone who has the WordPress knowledge and experience to resolve your trouble immediately. Shared and VPS hosts may offer less expensive services than Managed WordPress Hosting, however when you run into an issue such as an invasion on your WordPress site or uptime issues, it might take several days of emailing backwards and forwards just to get your support request escalated to someone with the WordPress familiarity and experience to address the problem. Meanwhile, you will be losing thousands in sales.

Expert WordPress technical support starts with the people manning the support lines. Choose a number that employs a passionate and exceptionally skilled group of engineers who learn how to apply technology to solve big problems. Typically, on the company’s About Us page, you can get a feel for the types of employees you’ll come across when you contact support.

Inquire about things such as level-one contact operators reading a script, some hosting companies immediate anyone to unskilled operators as a cost-saving evaluate. It’s always better to speak immediately with bona fide engineers to help you manage your site and solve your problem the very first time.

Custom WordPress Hosting Stack
A reputable and experienced Managed WordPress Webhost continually tests the latest hardware and software to get the perfect hosting environment designed for WordPress. They use a modern hosting tech stack and fine-tune it to take care of the unique demands of WordPress.

Most modern hosts leverage a public cloud company because cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Program, provide hosting infrastructure advantages over traditional options. At Pagely, our hosting stack is made on AWS. This allows our customers to leverage a practically infinite amount of server resources and the vast ecosystem of cloud hosting services AWS has generated. These resources and tools allow us to support and range WordPress applications as needed and without constraint. With such a massive and flexible pool of server resources available, we may use everything from a set of nodes to a cluster of 10+ machines to ensure hardware is never a limiting factor on your site’s development and reliability. This allows your host to transport massive levels of website traffic without restricting performance. Furthermore, with usage of AWS customers can leverage 13 global data focuses on the globe.

What you’re looking for will be the fastest, most flexible hosting environments leveraging intelligent caching/acceleration, security, and configuration flexibility.

Along with technologies like PHP7, HTTP/2, and free SSL certificates, at Pagely we use proprietary NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxies. It offers unmatched speed and Redis to further accelerate the WordPress experience. The next is the suite of other in-house services and a great exemplory case of the sort of stack you should inquire about when doing your research with different hosts. If for nothing else, consider this a spot to reference for comparison sake:

PressDNS: High quality DNS powered with Amazon’s course 53 service that takes good thing about geo-balancing and geo-routing
PressCACHE: A worldwide WordPress acceleration system that works much such as a CDN, but is specifically designed to cache and help WordPress page output
PressARMOR: Pagely’s security architecture, including a web application firewall, malware scanning, chroot user separation, and network border rulesets
PressTHUMB: On-demand image optimization and thumbnail creation
PressFORMANCE: Performance monitoring analytics and assessments
A Managed WordPress Hosting plan provides a fairly easy way to update the center WordPress request and needed plugins. Keeping the software that powers your site up-to-date is crucial for the security, performance, and compatibility of your site.

A well-managed WordPress coordinator may handle WordPress updates for you. But an expertly been able WordPress host could keep your software up-to-date and actively screen how each updates impacts your site through automated tests that ensure your site is still running smoothly. In the event a concern is found, the update can be automatically rolled back, restoring your site to functioning condition.


Shared hosting offers typically don’t offer any assistance if your site comes victim to a cyber strike or if you face malware problems. Secure WordPress hosting could very well be the biggest incentive for moving to Managed WordPress Hosting. While you partner with a been able WordPress host, routine software updates and a special hosting environment mean your site is better guarded against hackers, bots, and other security concerns. And you may expect regular security checks and malware removal.

An excellent hosting reputation will prove outstanding security because of its clients. If a host can boast that they’ve experienced an individual serious security incident, you’re in good hands. A robust suite of security services is a thorough security architecture that hardens and protects a network, hardware, and WordPress applications with a give attention to protection and the mitigation of risk to clients.

For base-level security, your web host should use a dynamic web application firewall (WAF) that blocks code injection attacks, known exploits, and rate limits access attempts. This greatly reduces the success of a sent out denial of service attack or a brute force invasion. They also needs to practice real-time system malware scanning of every WordPress unit installation, constantly looking for things such as trojan horses, viruses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, and adware.

When security defenses fail, your host should have an everyday backup of your site to revive from. These computerized backups become invaluable when your site become compromised.

The DOMAIN System (DNS) is, essentially, the phone book of the internet. Whenever you enter a domain name like into a browser, the browser uses DNS to translate the domain name into a web Protocol (IP) address, which tells the browser where you might get the desired web site.

When you’ve invested a whole lot in your site, you don’t ever before want your names of domain to travel offline. That is why purchasing a prime DNS provider is crucial. But typical shared or VPS hosting packages, and even most Managed WordPress hosts, don’t offer superior DNS. However, there are options where you’ll enjoy the great things about a DNS system guaranteed by Amazon’s Course53 service. This service answers DNS queries faster by utilizing a global network of DNS servers and uses infrastructure redundancy to ensure availability.

In case your team wants to be hands-on with your server environment, Managed WordPress Hosting provides developer-friendly tools that you’re unlikely to get with most shared enviroment ideas. You get tools like SSH, staging, GIT and WP-CLI, in addition to fundamentals like SFTP, database access, and error/access logs. Furthermore, you obtain support for customer PHP extensions including New Relic, system crontab access, and even more.

If it’s important for you, look for integration with the WordPress REST API. A Partner API would be ideal for customers who want to integrate their coordinator to their workflows to quickly spin up new sites under their hosting account.

The ability to quickly clone your live site and test thoroughly your changes is hugely beneficial so you can also push updates back again to your production site making use of your own workflows.


WordPress scalability, the capability to quickly deal with and adjust to sudden traffic level increases, is critical for just about any online venture. If a celebrity endorsement drives more customers to your internet site, the unexpected increase in pageviews will demand more resources. WordPress is highly scalable so long as its hosting program is configured to maintain with the upsurge in database requests caused by high traffic.

As your business develops as well as your site profits more traction, you’ll require additional website resources to keep things running smoothly. You’ll also to have to be able to accumulate customer data proficiently. If you haven’t prepared your site to level fluidly, it might crash. And any unexpected downtime may lead to lost sales and harm to your brand reputation.

Choosing the right Managed WordPress Hosting plan can help safeguard your business from this kind of catastrophe. Strongly consider choosing a market leader in providing scalable alternatives for WordPress. We recommend choosing a bunch who has built its web host stack and solutions-oriented services specifically to address the complex scaling, security, and performance needs of the world’s biggest brands.