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Businesses typically spend anywhere between 5-20% of the annual earnings on sales and marketing; whether that be in-house, with a marketing agency, the cost of their sales force. That’s a substantial investment for any business, so if you are considering by using a marketing agency be sure you choose the right one for your business.

1. Specialism
Agencies will specialise in several regions of marketing, so think about what it is you will need to achieve. For instance, is your website you main priority, or searching to create leads for your sales team, or do you will need a company that can manage your entire marketing function? Do you will need an agency that specialises in specific technologies, such as marketing automation? And whether you operate in the B2B or B2C market will impact, as marketing strategies do vary between your two.

2. Sector experience
You will be the expert in your industry, and the marketing agency you select will be professionals in marketing. An integral expertise of a company is their ability to adjust to different businesses and industries, so it’s not vital that the agency you choose has experience in your sector. However there can be an good thing about choosing a company that has a good knowledge of your industry, your visitors, who the likely buyers are, the best channels to attain them and what marketing messages they’re more likely to respond to.

3. Cultural fit
Don’t feel that you will need to choose a wacky creative agency because – that’s what marketing is all about isn’t it? Creativity is important, but make sure the agency you select can demonstrate that they understand your business and your specific goals and expectations. A design led agency will impress using their creativity, but a results focused agency will impress on outcomes, such as leads generated, guests and conversion.
Another consideration is also how big is the agency. If you’re a little to medium Business and you choose to use one of the top agencies, you could see yourself in the bottom of the priority list.

4. Track record
Ask to see results from previous campaigns, or on top of that, ask if indeed they can put you touching a few of their clients who are able to let you know in their own words the actual agency is similar to to utilize.

5. Commercial terms
Agencies will have various ways where they charge for the task they actually. Generally a company will continue to work under one of the following options:

Monthly retainer – You pay a set fee every month and the agency will undertake the task necessary to reach the monthly amount
Per hour – The agency will perform are agreed and charge an hourly rate
Per project – The agency will submit a proposal for a specific project with a set charge to complete the task